Was all in vain? Or did you cry?
No need to ask, my tears have run dry
This is the end of my pity
I await to die
You now the living, me now the dead
To prove that you loved me
Mere words could not have said
Biting into skin, into flesh, into me
Taking all you could
Oh, I’d still give you blood
Just to paint your lips
If you should wish them red
My desires your kiss completed
But only now I can see
The vicious joy when you took delight
Behind each kiss your poison bite
And when my all was given
And you had taken
Oh dog-like Judas
You did disappear
Was all in vain? Or did you cry?
No need to ask
You now the living, me now the dead

From Coil’s first album Scatology. “Tenderness of Wolves” features Gavin Friday, who wrote and sang the lyrics for the track.

Living in a city, it’s so easy to experience paranoia and have it manifest in your work - like Tricky, or Mark Stewart. You’re dealing with control systems and if you tackle them in any way, confront them in your work the same way William Burroughs did, it’s such a fine line you can’t walk it. It’ll cut into you. If you deal with those things you will become emeshed in them. If you explore paranoia you will become paranoid. Myself, I’m really trying to get rid of that. Not to say it isn’t happening everywhere all the time. I find it very unhealthy to focus on it these days.
John Balance, to David Keenan, The Wire (via todf)